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The Invincible Power of Mindset

Mindset guides and determines every area of your life! With the right mindset you become an unstoppable force for good, not only in your life, but in the lives of every person in your sphere of influence. Mindset is your ultimate key to success.

Mindset isn’t always what people think it is though. I teach four specific domains that govern mindset and free you to become the person you were meant to be, while empowering you to achieve your most heartfelt desires.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

The four domains of mindset are:

Attention and


Thoughts and


Emotions and Magnetism

Choices and


When you gain even a little bit of mastery over these four domains then you automatically start to transform your life for the better.

A few other areas that I coach my mindset clients on are as follows:


Mindset is key to everything you desire in life, but most people focus on it last. By learning how to flip your own script you can achieve goals that have been out of reach and receive desires that have been slow to come to you.

Beyond mindset is an intimate understanding of how you create your reality with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy, and actions. I teach my clients how to master the Unified Way and the seven principles that make it work. As you master each of these principles, you will find every area of your life enhanced, easier, more joyful, and more prosperous.


Your habits run your life. When you have healthy eating and exercising habits you take care of your body. When you have healthy social habits you cultivate friendships and relationships that nourish your heart. When you invest in habits for business and finances you manifest a lifetime of wealth and riches. Habits can be created, updated, or eliminated with the right tools and guidance. I’ll teach you to transform your habits so they serve you, rather than you serving them.


Personality tests, strengths assessments, Gene Keys, Human Design, and DISC are just a few of the examples of systems that help you to know yourself and know where to focus your energies. Not every system is right for every person, so I help you to determine if and when one of these methodologies will provide you with life-changing insights that will manifest in game-changing results.


We live during the wealthiest, most abundant time in human history. Money is everywhere within markets, businesses, investments, and lucrative jobs. You simply need to know how to tap into your individual well-spring of wealth and abundance consistently. Once you have a steady stream from your inner reservoir of wealth then it becomes easy to tap into those markets to receive the financial prosperity that you desire.


I also work with my clients to master the Unified Way. The Unified Way is a system that brings together all methods of self awareness and self development. It is simple, natural, and easy to use. Some people doubt the existence of universal laws, but this is mostly because they were never taught the correct way to understand and apply them in their lives. Once you grasp the basic principles of the Unified Way, you will find it both easy to use and enjoyable to practice throughout everyday life.

There are Seven Principles that make up the Unified Way.

They are:

  • Principle of Embodiment - Change begins with Self Awareness and how you want to transform your old identity into a new and expanded identity that is more in alignment with the Real You.

  • Principle of Trust - Intuition is your innate Inner Guidance, you’ve always had it, now you need to remember how to trust it. Your new beliefs lead you to your ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • Principle of Magnetism - Attraction is based upon what you are focused upon. State and Content merge to create your reality each moment of each day.

  • Principle of Relativity - One thing truly leads to another, so you don’t always need every step lined up in front of you. You can trust that leaning in the right direction and making 1% shifts each day will lead you to quantum leaps and massive manifestations.

  • Principle of Evolution - You are growing and evolving every day on the inside, but are you keeping up with your own transformation? Clear perspective opens your mind to see what is most important and which steps to take now.

  • Principle of Opulence - Our world is infinitely abundant. What we see as scarce resources is more of a function of our own limitations than what is actually available. You can Be, Do, and Have anything you desire. You can have all the money, time, love, freedom, joy, experiences, and material possessions that you desire.

  • Principle of Duality - Our world is one of contrast. This contrast is a good thing, for it allows an infinite variety of experiences to exist. Many people unconsciously choose to experience contrast as resistance, problems, and suffering. You can transcend these undesired experiences through understanding Duality as the fundamental principles of feminine and masculine (Yin and Yang) that allow all of creation to exist and evolve.


"I made $15,500 in one week from working with Damian!  Damian helped me write a book and craft a group coaching program that teaches others how to create lasting fulfillment.  Since then, I’ve made over $100,000 from this program as a side business.

Damian has also helped me to expand my thinking and dream bigger about my business and life goals.  Not only that, but he also helped me to ground these big ideas into steps that have enabled me to manifest more money and time than I thought possible.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and I always wanted to become a spiritual coach as well.  Damian’s guidance and mentorship has been pivotal in this process.  

Damian also taught me how to integrate work, marriage, and motherhood into one experience.  I now feel like I can just be Cassie in all environments. - Cassie Korte:
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Saint Louis, MO. 

"As a Director with Mary Kay, my team is very important to me.  That means that people in general are also very important to me.  Damian helped me to realize that I am indeed a Connector.  He also helped me to not only draw upon my own strengths, but to also focus on the strengths of all of the people on my team.  This helped me to grow my team and serve them, as well as all of our clients.

Damian also showed me the value of surrounding myself with people of like-mind as well as mentors and those who can contribute to my vision.  Damian coached me to attract more relationship builders as well as how to put each team members’ strengths to the greatest use.

While working with Damian I learned to focus on the One Thing that was most important at any time in my life and in my business.  This concentration and focus has proved invaluable time and again.  

I have now shifted my focus and I allow my team to lead things so that I can spend more time with my husband and other loved ones.  I’m fulfilling life goals to gain new experiences and we are traveling all over the world including parts of Alaska, Europe, and Africa! - Connie Burch:  Mary Kay Director, Champaign, IL