What are the most common problems you solve as a business coach? 

While much of my background is in mindset, personal growth, self development, and self transformation, I’ve also learned, practiced, and coached in various areas of business. 

Here are the main ones:  

-Reprogramming limiting beliefs into an unstoppable mindset. 

-Transforming those pesky habits that are no longer serving you. 

-Developing a business plan that includes maximizing your marketing in the areas that work best for you so you can keep your pipeline filled with clients / customers.  

-Retaining and/or turning customers & clients into repeat customers and clients. 

-Leveraging leadership, technology, and mindset so you work less IN your business and more ON your business as its CEO. 

-Getting you connected with resources that I DO NOT specialize in so your business can grow holistically. 

-Combining all of the above so you can scale your business successfully and with peace of mind thus increasing your revenue and making you wealthier. 

How do I know if Phoenix Dragon Coaching is right for me and my business? 

There are a few traits I look for in clients as to your readiness to be coached and to truly make a difference / transformation in your business.  

1) A belief that your business and/or role can be even better than it currently is 

2) An appreciation for outside perspective and collaboration 

3) A desire to be proactive and intentional about improvements 

4) A commitment to challenge yourself in the spirit of better results   

I also look for good chemistry and communication between me and my future clients.  In addition to the list above, we want to have a good intuitive flow and feel that the work we do together will be productive and enjoyable.  

What is the structure and frequency of the coaching program?

This varies according to each client’s needs, however I typically use a simple structure that works for most people / businesses.  It looks like this:  

-Two one-to-one meetings per month for 60-90 minutes.  These can be face to face, Zoom calls, or phone calls. 

-Voxer access to me throughout the month to ask questions, explore challenges, celebrate wins, and receive insights that I have in between our meetings. 

How much time is required? 

It takes additional work and effort to increase results and improve any situation.  I am passionately committed to ensuring that each client develops more effective ways of utilizing their time so they can successfully focus on progress in key areas.  

Before engaging in the coaching process, you should anticipate investing approximately 2-4 hours each week through a combination of meetings and/or dedicated time on the priorities identified. 

How much does it cost to hire Phoenix Dragon Coaching? 

The investment you make for coaching as a business owner is determined by the anticipated workload and regular meeting schedule.  With that said, I typically charge between $500 - $1,500 per month depending on time, specialization, and other factors. 

What is the ROI on your coaching program?

Getting a return on any investment is important.  Your experience with a business coach is truly two-sided.  I’m committed to giving you my absolute best. I’m also devoted to helping you to not only discover WHAT will give you the results that you are looking for, but also HOW to go about achieving them.  One of my first goals for you is to help you bring in extra income each month to cover my coaching fees and much, much more. 

How long are coaching contracts? 

At present my coaching agreements allow either the owner of the coach to discontinue the process at any time.  With that said, those who stay with me as their coach for a year or longer always see the greatest benefits, growth in revenue, increase in clients / customers, and personal transformations. 

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