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About Damian

Damian Nordmann has been mentoring adults to reach their full potential for three decades. During his early adult years, Damian embarked on a quest to understand how to master mindset and manifestation. He became a student with a globally recognized personal development brand, and quickly became one of its leaders. A few years later he was able to produce 30X growth within that same organization.

During this 30 year span, Damian has taught and coached over 1000 students and clients to improve nearly every area of their lives. Now Damian works 1:1 with entrepreneurs and business professionals to help them maximize their results, while keeping their passion for their business or vocation burning strong. Damian helps entrepreneurs of any level manifest business growth with greater speed and ease, while also enhancing the lifestyle that they most desire including: family, health, recreation, life purpose, friendships, and total life satisfaction.

Damian has helped a wide range of entrepreneurs achieve business success as defined by them. He’s helped professionals pivot into new business ventures, small business owners grow their revenue and sustainability, as well as multi-six figure business owners find clarity and focus to achieve the seven figure milestone of wealth and abundance. He has also helped entrepreneurs to make the jump into the online realm, thereby expanding their market reach, customers, and clientele.

Damian’s philosophy on wealth building, business, and life is one of joy, passion, and enthusiasm. He believes if you aren’t having fun in your business or work then you either need to find a way to make it fun or find a passion that’s more suited to your essential nature.

When not helping entrepreneurs and professionals absolutely crush their goals you can find him hiking, working out, geeking out with friends, or pursuing his life dream of writing an award winning TV series.

Unlock Your Potential with Proven Strategies & Resources

Through my extensive network and toolbox of resources, I can connect you to the strategies that will help your business grow easier, faster, and with more fluidity. Let's explore new avenues for income, from authorship and podcasting to group coaching and courses, and develop the habits that will attract clients and abundance to your business.

Ready to Scale Your Business with Success and Ease?

Avoid the burnout that comes with scaling and start approaching your business with renewed purpose. Connect with me today and let's start your journey towards successful, sustainable growth.



As a business coach, I assist entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leadership teams to scale their businesses and reach their professional goals.


Beyond just improving your mindset, I'll teach you how to reshape your reality using the Unified Way and its seven principles. Mastering these principles will enhance your life, making it easier, more joyful, and prosperous.


"I made $15,500 in one week from working with Damian!  Damian helped me write a book and craft a group coaching program that teaches others how to create lasting fulfillment.  Since then, I’ve made over $100,000 from this program as a side business.

Damian has also helped me to expand my thinking and dream bigger about my business and life goals.  Not only that, but he also helped me to ground these big ideas into steps that have enabled me to manifest more money and time than I thought possible.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and I always wanted to become a spiritual coach as well.  Damian’s guidance and mentorship has been pivotal in this process.  

Damian also taught me how to integrate work, marriage, and motherhood into one experience.  I now feel like I can just be Cassie in all environments. - Cassie Korte:
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Saint Louis, MO. 

"As a Director with Mary Kay, my team is very important to me.  That means that people in general are also very important to me.  Damian helped me to realize that I am indeed a Connector.  He also helped me to not only draw upon my own strengths, but to also focus on the strengths of all of the people on my team.  This helped me to grow my team and serve them, as well as all of our clients.

Damian also showed me the value of surrounding myself with people of like-mind as well as mentors and those who can contribute to my vision.  Damian coached me to attract more relationship builders as well as how to put each team members’ strengths to the greatest use.

While working with Damian I learned to focus on the One Thing that was most important at any time in my life and in my business.  This concentration and focus has proved invaluable time and again.  

I have now shifted my focus and I allow my team to lead things so that I can spend more time with my husband and other loved ones.  I’m fulfilling life goals to gain new experiences and we are traveling all over the world including parts of Alaska, Europe, and Africa! - Connie Burch:  Mary Kay Director, Champaign, IL