Results from our Clients

Empowering Scaling Solopreneurs to overcome growth challenges, streamline operations, and unlock new income streams through strategic coaching, mindset shifts, and access to a wealth of business resources.

"I made $15,500 in one week from working with Damian!  Damian helped me write a book and craft a group coaching program that teaches others how to create lasting fulfillment.  Since then, I’ve made over $100,000 from this program as a side business.

Damian has also helped me to expand my thinking and dream bigger about my business and life goals.  Not only that, but he also helped me to ground these big ideas into steps that have enabled me to manifest more money and time than I thought possible.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and I always wanted to become a spiritual coach as well.  Damian’s guidance and mentorship has been pivotal in this process.  

Damian also taught me how to integrate work, marriage, and motherhood into one experience.  I now feel like I can just be Cassie in all environments. - Cassie Korte:
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Saint Louis, MO. 

"As a Director with Mary Kay, my team is very important to me.  That means that people in general are also very important to me.  Damian helped me to realize that I am indeed a Connector.  He also helped me to not only draw upon my own strengths, but to also focus on the strengths of all of the people on my team.  This helped me to grow my team and serve them, as well as all of our clients.

Damian also showed me the value of surrounding myself with people of like-mind as well as mentors and those who can contribute to my vision.  Damian coached me to attract more relationship builders as well as how to put each team members’ strengths to the greatest use.

While working with Damian I learned to focus on the One Thing that was most important at any time in my life and in my business.  This concentration and focus has proved invaluable time and again.  

I have now shifted my focus and I allow my team to lead things so that I can spend more time with my husband and other loved ones.  I’m fulfilling life goals to gain new experiences and we are traveling all over the world including parts of Alaska, Europe, and Africa! - Connie Burch:  Mary Kay Director, Champaign, IL

"Before I met Damian I spent a lot of time in therapy and other resources to get my life on track.  I often felt stuck in not knowing how to apply these resources to the overall transformations that I wanted to make.  

Shortly after I started working with Damian many areas of my life began to quicken and change.  I leaned into new, healthier habits around my career, my self-care, my relationships, my diet, and my exercise.  I created a spreadsheet with the habits that I wanted to practice that would support this new identity that I was moving into.  

Many things have changed since working with Damian as my coach: 

I’ve lost 60 pounds with grace and ease.I healed family wounds and continue to cultivate better relationships.I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable and allowed my creativity to be sparked towards my heartfelt desires.I feel more secure and listen to my intuition daily.I’ve made headway on a side business with a friend of mine.AND in my career I’m moving from being a contractor into a role of being the Executive Director of Housing within a non-profit organization that focuses on housing.

Before working with Damian I had a lot of doubts because I really wasn’t listening to my inner voice in a deeply meaningful way.  Now I find myself waking up and asking myself, “What amazing thing is going to happen today?”  What a transformation!!!

The future is bright and I’m really looking forward to what’s next." - SH: Executive Director of Housing, Oregon


Kate Stiebling-Davis: Owner of 5 OrangeTheory Fitness locations, Louisville, KY

"Being coached by Damian was unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I hired him to help me with some self-healing both physically and emotionally.  What I received was so much more.  

In my business, as well as my life, I went from pushing myself hard and feeling overworked, to finding ways to do things easier and being gentler on myself.  This has been a big part of all of my growth ever since.

Damian also taught me powerful tools for transformation that I have integrated into my life.  He showed me how to meditate and use visualization for both healing and success.  I created a vision board during this time and I have manifested several things from that vision board including a house by a lake.

Increasingly I have been present in my life instead of trying to escape from life’s problems.  This has also led me to becoming completely sober for the past year and a half, which has led to greater clarity and fulfillment."


Katie Adams Marshall: Fitness Trainer / Youth Volleyball Trainer, Louisville, KY

Damian helped me realize that in the process of building a business the steps will reveal themselves as you go!  I’m a fitness trainer and youth volleyball trainer, and I’ve been exploring starting my own health coaching business.  Damian helped me to pivot towards starting my own business through identifying my ideal clients, creating coaching packages, and updating my website to reflect my new identity and unique direction.  I now believe that I can really do this!

"Damian helped me to get unstuck from my career and mentored me to launch my new business!  I had been a yoga instructor for 17 years when I met Damian.  While this had been fulfilling for me, I really wanted something more.  Damian helped me to ignite a fresh path that is more authentic and aligned.

While working with Damian, I wrote a book called Joy Compass: Journey Into Wellness.  I use  Joy Compass, as the foundation for my coaching business.  Now I offer wellness coaching for a wide variety of individuals, as well as groups.  I also partner with women’s circles, medical clinics, and local doctors to offer wellness alternatives.

Damian helped me to create a formula for more fulfillment, ease, and fun in my career & business.  This ease has created a domino effect that has spilled over into my marriage, family, and every aspect of my life.

Damian’s take on Law of Attraction, which he calls the Unified Way, was a huge catalyst for me to align more deeply with my Life Purpose and to access the inner wisdom that birthed Joy Compass."

- Jayme Davis:  Coach / Yoga Instructor, Taos, NM