Empowering Scaling Solopreneurs to overcome growth challenges, streamline operations, and unlock new income streams through strategic coaching, mindset shifts, and access to a wealth of business resources.

Let me cut to the chase with you…there are a lot of coaches who just don’t know how to coach. Just about anyone can say: I’m a coach. I can help you with your business / your relationships / your health / your spirituality / your…(fill in the blank).

Don’t get me wrong, there are some AMAZING coaches out there! I’ve met them, I’ve been coached by them myself, and I’m friends with many of them.

But guiding someone towards a better life, livelihood, or mindset requires careful attention, good communication, and yeah…a fair bit of intuition. This comes with experience, and I’ve been doing this work for 30 years.

I always want my clients to feel seen and heard, while also receiving the tools they need to transform AND get the results they are paying for.

How many times have you found yourself thinking, “But what should I do with MY business?” or “This strategy works for others, but it hasn’t worked for me.” or “There are so many options out there, what’s going to work best for me and what I offer to my clients/customers?”

I totally feel you! That’s why Phoenix Dragon Coaching is 1-to-1 coaching focused and customized to meet your needs and the needs of your business. Nothing is more important to me than your success as an individual. In fact, I’ve found that if you haven’t streamlined your life and business to tailor-meet your desires then sooner or later you will experience resistance, confusion, and even burnout. You are the creator of your reality and your life, so your choices, from your thoughts to your emotions to your actions, must align.

This is why I carefully customize your coaching program to meet your exact needs. I always start out with a 60-90 minute session with my clients where we outline your most important personal and business goals. From there I can immediately help you to begin removing blocks that are keeping you from achieving the satisfaction and fulfillment that you desire, AND start envisioning with you the ways you and your business will manifest ultimate success!

The core areas we will focus on:


I provide guidance to entrepreneurs, business professionals, CEOs of small businesses, leadership teams, and online service providers. I help you in these ways:

  • Making more money.

  • Doubling, tripling, and even 10Xing your revenue.

  • Attracting more clients, customers, and professional connections.

  • Freeing up your time with a clear mind and the right strategies and systems.

  • Clarifying marketing strategies and resources that are cost effective, have huge returns on investment, and are perfect for YOU.

  • Speeding up processes and manifestation of business goals.

  • Imagining and envisioning possibilities that weren’t even on your radar.

  • Making everything in business and life easier.


Mindset is key to everything you desire in life, but most people focus on it last. By learning how to flip your own script you can achieve goals that have been out of reach and receive desires that have been slow to come to you.

Beyond mindset is an intimate understanding of how you create your reality with your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy, and actions. I teach my clients how to master the Unified Way and the seven principles that make it work. As you master each of these principles, you will find every area of your life enhanced, easier, more joyful, and more prosperous.


Your habits run your life. When you have healthy eating and exercising habits you take care of your body. When you have healthy social habits you cultivate friendships and relationships that nourish your heart. When you invest in habits for business and finances you manifest a lifetime of wealth and riches. Habits can be created, updated, or eliminated with the right tools and guidance. I’ll teach you to transform your habits so they serve you, rather than you serving them.


Leadership is essential for scaling your business! However, most people don’t leverage the power of leadership. Learning to lead yourself, your family, and your employees gives you the freedom to focus on your zones of genius. This makes you happier as well as more successful and abundant. Nearly every entrepreneur gets stuck at some point because she or he doesn’t understand how to take leadership to the next level. Leadership is easier than you might think, but you do need to learn the basics to gain the benefits. I coach my clients to delegate and outsource as well as vision cast with their team for maximum effectiveness.


We live during the wealthiest, most abundant time in human history. Money is everywhere within markets, businesses, investments, and lucrative jobs. You simply need to know how to tap into your individual well-spring of wealth and abundance consistently. Once you have a steady stream from your inner reservoir of wealth then it becomes easy to tap into those markets to receive the financial prosperity that you desire.


Motivation only gets you so far. You need to learn to access your Passion-Fire daily. How do you light your internal fire? How do you keep your Passion-Fire burning? How do you deepen your Passion-Fire on a regular basis? Inspiration, Aspiration, and Passion are all available to anyone who is willing to learn the simple secrets that make these accessible. Get ready to be ignited in ways you have yet to experience!


"I made $15,500 in one week from working with Damian!  Damian helped me write a book and craft a group coaching program that teaches others how to create lasting fulfillment.  Since then, I’ve made over $100,000 from this program as a side business.

Damian has also helped me to expand my thinking and dream bigger about my business and life goals.  Not only that, but he also helped me to ground these big ideas into steps that have enabled me to manifest more money and time than I thought possible.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and I always wanted to become a spiritual coach as well.  Damian’s guidance and mentorship has been pivotal in this process.  

Damian also taught me how to integrate work, marriage, and motherhood into one experience.  I now feel like I can just be Cassie in all environments. - Cassie Korte:
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Saint Louis, MO. 

"As a Director with Mary Kay, my team is very important to me.  That means that people in general are also very important to me.  Damian helped me to realize that I am indeed a Connector.  He also helped me to not only draw upon my own strengths, but to also focus on the strengths of all of the people on my team.  This helped me to grow my team and serve them, as well as all of our clients.

Damian also showed me the value of surrounding myself with people of like-mind as well as mentors and those who can contribute to my vision.  Damian coached me to attract more relationship builders as well as how to put each team members’ strengths to the greatest use.

While working with Damian I learned to focus on the One Thing that was most important at any time in my life and in my business.  This concentration and focus has proved invaluable time and again.  

I have now shifted my focus and I allow my team to lead things so that I can spend more time with my husband and other loved ones.  I’m fulfilling life goals to gain new experiences and we are traveling all over the world including parts of Alaska, Europe, and Africa! - Connie Burch:  Mary Kay Director, Champaign, IL


What are the most common problems you solve as a business coach? 

While much of my background is in mindset, personal growth, self development, and self transformation, I’ve also learned, practiced, and coached in various areas of business. 

Here are the main ones:  

-Reprogramming limiting beliefs into an unstoppable mindset. 

-Transforming those pesky habits that are no longer serving you. 

-Developing a business plan that includes maximizing your marketing in the areas that work best for you so you can keep your pipeline filled with clients / customers.  

-Retaining and/or turning customers & clients into repeat customers and clients. 

-Leveraging leadership, technology, and mindset so you work less IN your business and more ON your business as its CEO. 

-Getting you connected with resources that I DO NOT specialize in so your business can grow holistically. 

-Combining all of the above so you can scale your business successfully and with peace of mind thus increasing your revenue and making you wealthier. 

How do I know if Phoenix Dragon Coaching is right for me and my business? 

There are a few traits I look for in clients as to your readiness to be coached and to truly make a difference / transformation in your business.  

1) A belief that your business and/or role can be even better than it currently is 

2) An appreciation for outside perspective and collaboration 

3) A desire to be proactive and intentional about improvements 

4) A commitment to challenge yourself in the spirit of better results   

I also look for good chemistry and communication between me and my future clients.  In addition to the list above, we want to have a good intuitive flow and feel that the work we do together will be productive and enjoyable.  

What is the structure and frequency of the coaching program?

This varies according to each client’s needs, however I typically use a simple structure that works for most people / businesses.  It looks like this:  

-Two one-to-one meetings per month for 60-90 minutes.  These can be face to face, Zoom calls, or phone calls. 

-Voxer access to me throughout the month to ask questions, explore challenges, celebrate wins, and receive insights that I have in between our meetings. 

How much time is required? 

It takes additional work and effort to increase results and improve any situation.  I am passionately committed to ensuring that each client develops more effective ways of utilizing their time so they can successfully focus on progress in key areas.  

Before engaging in the coaching process, you should anticipate investing approximately 2-4 hours each week through a combination of meetings and/or dedicated time on the priorities identified. 

How much does it cost to hire Phoenix Dragon Coaching? 

The investment you make for coaching as a business owner is determined by the anticipated workload and regular meeting schedule.  With that said, I typically charge between $500 - $1,500 per month depending on time, specialization, and other factors. 

What is the ROI on your coaching program?

Getting a return on any investment is important.  Your experience with a business coach is truly two-sided.  I’m committed to giving you my absolute best. I’m also devoted to helping you to not only discover WHAT will give you the results that you are looking for, but also HOW to go about achieving them.  One of my first goals for you is to help you bring in extra income each month to cover my coaching fees and much, much more. 

How long are coaching contracts? 

At present my coaching agreements allow either the owner of the coach to discontinue the process at any time.  With that said, those who stay with me as their coach for a year or longer always see the greatest benefits, growth in revenue, increase in clients / customers, and personal transformations.